Why You Need To Be Using These 3 ECG Apps?


Three (3) Must-Have ECG Apps You’ll Surely Love!

Picture this in your mind: You are jogging alone in the streets a few blocks away from your home. You suddenly feel really exhausted so you decide to sit down for a while on a curb. Your heart beats fast and you start to gasp heavily. There’s pressure over your chest and a bit uneasy but tolerable. What would you do? At first, you would be troubled and concerned. You would even immediately seek medical help from your doctor if possible. You would have that strong desire to know or to be aware of what’s really happening to you especially your heart. How are you supposed to know your heart’s condition in the quickest way possible? Thankfully, ECG (electrocardiogram) apps for smartphones are at your fingertips to check and keep track of your heart health anywhere at all times.

Most of the time, we always think those who have prevailing heart problems are the only ones who entail these apps and hardware badly. In the present generation, people become more conscious of their physical health. They even engage in vigorous exercises or physical activities. At some point, these individuals purchase essential electronic devices to help them monitor their vital signs and health status. So if you are also one of those individuals who are health-conscious, here are three (3) ECG apps you might want to check out.

1. SonoHealth app (requires ECG device)

SonoHealth is a reliable ECG app that can produce accurate results in a few seconds. Its nifty hardware, the EKGraph Portable Heart Rate Monitor, works excellently well on ECG analysis and reports with or without the mobile app. It’s a one-time-payment since you only have to purchase the ECG device and no monthly subscription to pay for. SonoHealth is a downloadable mobile app so you can install it on your smartphone for free. It measures your heart rate and heart rhythm and detects abnormalities in your ECG. One of the app and device’s important features is to record and send your ECG results via email so you can prompt your physician for any irregularities detected by the EKGraph. Practically, this app and hardware is a perfect match for you if you are in need of a reliable and trust-worthy device on monitoring your heart condition. To know more about how EKGraph works, visit https://sonohealth.com/

2. Kardia (requires ECG device)

Developed by Alivecor, Kardia app has so much to offer; Kardia Mobile and Kardia Mobile 6L. Both devices can detect heart health and provide accurate ECG results and be synced to Kardia mobile app. The only difference is that Kardia Mobile is a single-lead ECG while Kardia Mobile 6L is a six-lead ECG. The ECG app can be downloaded for free but to enjoy more app features, you must avail KardiaCare Membership. It can be pretty costly but it would support you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Check out https://www.alivecor.com/kardiacare for more information about KardiaCare membership perks.

3. Welltory

If you are on a tight budget, you can download and install Welltory to your smartphone for free. It’s also convenient because this ECG app does not require any hardware. It basically measures your vital signs and heart rhythm from your phone’s built-in sensors (usually placed in cameras or flashlights). Although it is a free app, you can upgrade it to Welltory PRO and use more app features. Upgrading the ECG app will allow you to integrate it with some of the well-known fitness devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Take note that though the following ECG apps can measure and recognize heart rhythm abnormalities, it is still not a particular tool in diagnosing heart diseases. Also, there are many factors that directly affect the results of the ECG reading. It’s better to read its manuals and follow the instructions in using the app and especially the hardware.  If you found any irregularities detected by these ECG apps and devices, you can double-check the result twice or multiple times and record them. Remember that it is still best to consult your primary healthcare provider and/or your physician.

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