SonoHealth.org is NOT your typical health brand. Why? Because we don’t want you as just another customer. We want to be your friend, your health advocate, your accountability partner.

We want YOU to take control of your health. We will be right there to help.

SonoHealth.org is a small family owned company started by two brothers and their wives. Our goal is to provide an amazing shopping experience to your (our customer) and add tremendous value to your lifestyle. And that is just the beginning! Once we get to know you we want to help you in your daily life. Be it health, or fitness. We’re on your side.

Today the USA healthcare industry is becoming more, and more of a money making system. Hospitals and doctors are encouraged to take as many tests as possible to get more money from the patient and their insurance company. In the end, due to an increase in insurance prices it is the patient who is funding his own healthcare.

Our Mission at SonoHealth is to help YOU take control of your health at home. By teaching you and providing you with the necessary tools we want customers to be educated about their own health and if needed take care of any health problems.

We hope that you allow us to become part of your healthcare team. And look forward to working with you!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

SonoHealth – great health is sound health

Kindest Regards,
Dan Stoyan, and Ruben Stoyan.

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