Can an EKG App really give you a high-quality EKG?


High-Quality EKG App: One of the Finest Innovations of Modern Technology

Traditional electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) recording machines are highly reliable medical tools in checking patients’ heart rhythm and electrical activity. For individuals to have their heart checked or examined, they have to make an appointment at a hospital or clinic. This scenario could be a hassle for many who are busy with their jobs. For patients with existing heart problems, it could be very inconvenient to schedule an ECG to any health facility now and then. Plus, they have to spend more time, money, and effort just to get their heart condition properly checked. Luckily, EKG apps are readily available on online stores and are accessible to people who need to keep track of their heart health.

EKG mobile applications (or EKG apps) are developed so that individuals who prefer routine heart health monitoring can do so. However, these apps function only if they are synced with their respective EKG recording devices. Although some mobile apps exclusively require hardware, they are small-scale and lightweight. Furthermore, the method of EKG recording itself is faster and more convenient compare to traditional EKG machines. Most of these portable EKG devices are to be wireless so you can bring or carry them anytime at any place. However, there are still some questions that need answers like:

Do these EKG apps work well?

Will EKG apps provide me accurate EKG results?

Do EKG apps and devices give high-quality EKG?

SonoHealth (EKG app) and EKGraph Heart Monitor

SonoHealth is an EKG app efficient in monitoring one’s heart rhythm. Together with the EKgraph Heart monitoring device, this app-hardware tandem works perfectly to provide you accurate and high-quality EKG recording. The device itself detects the pulse from your fingertips and then records your heart rhythm.

EKGraph can detect various heart rhythm irregularities. It can also function even without the app. Also, it automatically analyzes and classifies your EKG results. The device prompts “No Abnormalities” on its LCD screen if it detected a normal sinus heart rhythm. Meaning, you will be aware that your heart’s natural pacemaker is working well.

For patients with heart problems, EKGraph can recognize irregular heart rhythms such as arrhythmias, bradycardia, and tachycardia. It can also detect abnormal ST segments (depression and elevation) and Ventricular premature beats (VPB). As heart rhythm irregularities are easily determined, patients can instantly report the results to their primary healthcare provider (which is also one of the features of EKGraph).

EKGraph and its Accuracy

There are many factors that may affect the results of your EKG via EKG app or its hardware. Your movements, emotions, the pressure applied to the device sensors, and even the moisture of your skin have huge effects on your EKG reading. Under these circumstances, EKGraph might not able to properly obtain your pulse or record your EKG. To get results properly, you must refrain from moving and relax for a few minutes before checking your heart rhythm. Make sure your skin contact points are moist (not too oily or dry) and apply pressure gently to the sensor. SonoHealth app and EKGraph provides enhanced analysis accuracy if the recording time is thirty (30) seconds instead of 10 seconds. For more information about the EKG app and device, visit

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