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“Your heart is one of your most important organs, SonoHealth helps monitor it”   – Benjamin K. / Washingon, USA

Choosing the right heart monitor can in itself give you palpitations! Reviews today are less and less trustworthy. Companies leave themselves 5 star reviews or worse, delete critical and negative reviews. As a result customers are looking for reviews that are trustworthy and real. Today we wanted to provide you with real SonoHealth ECG Reviews.

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Below are the SonoHealth ECG Reviews. One section are reviews for SonoHealth as the Company, and the other is for EKGraph as the Product.

Before letting you read the reviews, we wanted to share a testimonial that a customer recently sent us:

Vicky M

I believe it saved my life.

I have been going to my cardiologist over the years about my episodes of tachycardia. Of course, they could never document it, as these episodes never occurred while wearing their monitors or during their stress tests. I had a really bad episode 4 weeks ago and again went to my doctor who could not find anything wrong. I left their very depressed as these attacks were coming closer and closer together, more severe each time and lasting long each time.  My husband saw one of your competitors in a TV ad and wanted to order it and I asked him to hold up until and I did some checking. I found out yours had an excellent rating and many bells and whistles.

Within a few days of receipt of your monitor, I had another bad attack (this past Sunday). Should have gone to the hospital, but didn’t. I caught the episode which lasted about an hour on your monitor. Ran these ekgs out (along with copies of my Fitbit info which captured the heart rate) and took it all to the cardiologist.  He reviewed the information and had me come into the office on Tuesday, whereby I was admitted to the hospital that same day.  On Wednesday, the 10th, I was diagnosed with having SVTs and an ablation was performed which was very successful.  Believe it or not, I am home today, but taking it easy.  First, bless my husband for buying this and bless SonoHealth for manufacturing this.  Word has gotten out and I am sure you will be getting more orders.  Even my doctor raved about it!  Many thanks!

Vicky M / Virginia, USA



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