Top 6 EKG Apps Available in App Store

Top 6 EKG Apps

EKG Apps (aka ECG Apps) that can show your true heart health!

Having an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) accessible at all times is one of the best innovations of our technology. This simple, medical test checks the heart’s electrical activity. It’s a non-invasive and painless procedure which determines various heart problems. Nowadays, developers designed them not only for patient use but also for individuals who work out regularly. Surprisingly, our smartphones are upgraded so that ECG and regular heart monitoring is just a click away. As technology advances, more EKG apps are readily available and downloadable in the market. However a standalone app can only get you preliminary data. The only data that you can truly trust is the heart rate. If you truly want a EKG that will show you true electrical heart currents we recommend going with a hardware required app.

Today, most smartphones have built-in sensors placed in its camera or flashlight which helps in keeping track of your heart. It may sound convenient but some physical factors (like the pressure of your fingers on the sensors, well-lit environment) can give inaccurate results. Meanwhile, other apps would require consumers gadgets that deliver more accurate vital signs and heart rhythm. Here are some of the Top 6 ECG or EKG apps in the App Store you can find at

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6. Cardiograph Heart Rate Monitor

Although it is primarily a pulse or heart rate monitoring app, Cardiograph Heart Rate Monitor app also records ECG results so you can and review the measurements at any schedule you want. It’s a free application, no monthly subscription, and requires payment for Ad Block. Though results are at your fingertips, several factors could somehow alter its readings, like your current physical activity and room lighting.]

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5. Welltory

Analyzing Heart Rate Variability accurately is the major feature of the user-friendly app Welltory. It’s an excellent health monitoring app especially if you want to keep track of your EKG and vital signs. It works even without syncing it to other devices. To get a reading, you need to put your finger on your smartphone camera for two (2) minutes. You can download this application in App Store for free. Upgrading to Welltory PRO gives you more features like integration with hardware such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc. It also requires a monthly subscription fee.

4. Cardiograph Classic

Cardiograph Classic app easily monitors your heart rate and heart rhythm. Using your smartphone’s built-in camera flash, your heart rhythm can be detected and monitored quickly. You can create multiple profiles as it can be used on different devices. You can share this app with your family members or even your friends. Just create their profile and they can get a buzz out of Cardiograph Classic. Cardiograph Classic records your heart measurements, the date, time, and location at which your results were taken. Apparently, it is not a free EKG app but it does not require a monthly subscription fee.

3. Qardio (EKG Hardware Required)

Loaded with more powerful health-monitoring features, Qardio app is a total package. It provides measurements quickly and effectively ( like vital signs and even body composition). It’s easy to use and automatically syncs with Apple Health (so as with Apple Watch). However,  to use the app, you have to purchase its wireless devices — QardioArm for the blood pressure, QardioBase 2 for smart scale, and QardioCore for EKG. The app itself is free but each Qardio hardware is sold separately.

2. Kardia (EKG Hardware Required)

Another great EKG app you can find in the App Store is Kardia by Alivecor. Results can be achieved as fast as 30 seconds. Its hardware includes KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, and KardiaBand to check your heart rhythm, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Each device has a different task. Take note that it requires either KardiaMobile or KardiaBand in recording your EKG. You can download this in App Store for free and become a Kardia member to enjoy more perks.

1. SonoHealth (EKG Hardware Required)

In just 30 seconds or less, SonoHealth is an excellent EKG app that can provide accurate results. Together with its handy device, EKGraph Portable Heart Rate Monitor, it works perfectly on EKG analysis and reports once synced to the mobile app, Also, you can even instantly save and email your results directly to your physician or even to your family. What’s good about SonoHealth? There’s no limit in monitoring your actual heart measurements. You don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription or the app itself once you purchase the device. Plus, you can use EKGraph even without the SonoHealth app. Not only do you save a lot of money but also you got to keep track of your heart health accurately and hassle-free.

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