3-in-1 Forehead and Ear Infrared Baby Thermometer — ThermoPRO (for Infants & Adults)


Switch effortlessly between modes with our 3-in-1 thermometer: scan foreheads contactlessly, measure ear temperatures with a simple cap removal, or ensure baby bottles and baths are just right. One device, triple the convenience!

  • INSTANT RESULTS: Achieve precise infrared temperature measurements in just a second.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Measure temperatures via ear and forehead for both kids and adults, with the added touchless feature for rooms or bottles.
  • INTUITIVE ALERTS: Recognize elevated temperatures through screen color changes and an (optional) auditory signal.
  • HISTORY TRACKING: Retain up to 40 past temperature readings.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: One Infrared Thermometer, two AAA Batteries, and a User Guide.
  • Free $149 Fever Management Course!