Pocket fetal doppler: 5 proven reasons to use it

pocket fetal dopler

Every fetal heartbeat or movement is a cause of celebration for mothers-to-be. The medical device advancement has brought a vast number of devices that may provide expecting parents with reassurance and moments of joy. One such device is pocket fetal doppler. This device may help parents-to-be reduce their anxiety about the baby’s well-being and pregnancy complications. In this article, we will delve into all advantages of at-home fetal dolppler.

During prenatal care check-ups, the doctor may use fetal doppler to monitor the baby’s well-being. However, thanks to technological advancement, parents-to-be may use fetal doppler at home.

How to use pocket fetal doppler?

At home fetal doppler is a medical device that is used for monitoring baby’s heartbeat. The technology is similar to an ultrasound, but you do not need to be a doctor to use this device. The pocket fetal doppler has a probe, which is necessary to move over the belly of the expecting mother. The sound of baby’s heartbeat is transmitted through the headphones. Some models of the battery-powered fetal dopplers, such as Sonohealth HeartBeats™, have built-in LCD screens to show baby’s heart rate.

pocket fetal doppler

Before using doppler heart monitor, make sure that you have specific supplies, which are as follows:

  • Ultrasound gel: It is necessary to apply some gel on the mother’s abdomen to reduce static sound, providing a clearer sound.
  • Appropriate place to lie: Find a convenient place to lie, as the device will be more convenient to use. Choose a bed, sofa, or floor mats.

Apply a small amount of gel on the probe of the pocket fetal doppler and move it on the lower abdomen until you hear the baby’s heartbeat. Start moving the probe from the bottom and move your way up. Be sure to cover every area. To find out more about fetal doppler usage, read our article on how to use fetal doppler at home.

How baby’s heartbeat sound on fetal doppler monitor?

Using a pocket fetal doppler for the first time can be tricky. You will hear a variety of different sounds and one of the most common – is a ‘whooshing’ noise. It is a sound of blood flow in the placenta and should not be mistaken for baby’s heartbeat. Many mothers-to-be said that baby’s heartbeat sounds like galloping horses. Fetal heartbeat is fast, ranging from 110-160 beats per minute (BPM).

Benefits of using at-home fetal doppler

The benefits of doppler for fetal heartbeat extend beyond convenience as they provide invaluable peace of mind during this exciting period. The pocket fetal doppler ensures early bonding, real-time monitoring, and a sense of security that can reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, fetal doppler monitor allows fathers-to-be to participate in the pregnancy actively, fostering stronger emotional connections.

Monitoring baby’s well-being

Using fetal doppler at home allows for monitoring the baby’s well-being throughout the pregnancy. Thanks to this device, expecting parents can check baby’s heart rate, ensuring that it falls within the healthy range. You can monitor the fetus’s well-being from the comfort of your house, and in case of an emergency, promptly contact your healthcare provider and get early intervention if necessary.

The pocket fetal doppler doesn’t replace prenatal appointments! Always consult with your healthcare provider. Using at-home fetal doppler doesn’t allow for diagnosing medical issues and can be used only for monitoring pregnancy between check-ups. 

Reduce anxiety and stress

Pregnancy may be accompanied by worries and stress, especially for first-time mothers. In such a situation, at home doppler will be the best tool for reducing anxiety levels. Hearing the baby’s heart reassures expecting mothers, providing a sense of security and eliminating concerns about the baby’s health.

Thanks to pocket fetal doppler, expecting parents can monitor the fetus’s well-being from the comfort of their house and, in case of an emergency, promptly contact their healthcare provider and get early intervention if necessary.

Peace of mind

Women who experienced a prior miscarriage may worry a lot about the well-being of the baby. Even after prenatal check-ups and communication with healthcare providers, expecting mothers may still worry. In such a case, pocket fetal doppler will provide mothers-to-be with reassurance between checkups. The sound of a baby’s heartbeat will bring joy and peace.

Pregnancy signs

Pay attention to different pregnancy signs that confirm that the baby is okay. For example, you can affirm you’re still pregnant by watching out for:

  • Baby’s kicks and movements
  • Mother still experiencing pregnancy symptoms
  • Baby somersaults or movements

The fetal dopplers provide expecting parents with peace of mind. Knowing that the baby is safe and developing normally provides comfort to parents-to-be. Such serenity contributes to a healthier and happier pregnancy experience.

at home fetal doppler

Early bonding and connection

Thanks to fetal doppler monitor, expecting parents may connect with their baby and establish a profound emotional connection, fostering a sense of bonding and love. By listening to the baby’s heartbeat, your partner can actively participate in the pregnancy, creating a stronger emotional bond between partners.

Monitoring multiple pregnancies

For mothers expecting twins or multiples, fetal dopplers become an invaluable tool. Monitoring each baby’s heartbeat individually ensures that each one is thriving and developing properly.

Word from SonoHealth

The pocket fetal doppler is a valuable tool that provides with reassures parents-to-be. Using fetal doppler at home provides parents with a sense of security, eliminating anxiety and stress. What’s more, it offers you and your partner early bonding with a baby, contributing to a stronger emotional connection. In addition, at-home fetal doppler allows real-time monitoring and provides with information about baby’s heart rate (not all model).

pocket fetal doppler, Pocket fetal doppler: 5 proven reasons to use it

When it comes to using pocket fetal doppler, it is important to choose a reliable and proven device. Choosing cheap fetal dopplers from unknown brands may cause worry and stress because it’s unable to detect a baby’s heartbeat. Pocket fetal doppler by Sonohealth is known to be reliable and affordable, with excellent customer care and support. Sonohealth is a trusted brand that provides reliable and user-friendly devices.

Pocket fetal doppler FAQs

1. How to use pocket fetal doppler?

Place a small amount of gel on the probe of your fetal doppler. Then, put the probe on the lower abdomen close to your pubic bone. Move the probe until you hear a galloping sound (that’s your baby’s heartbeat).

2. How soon can you use a fetal doppler at home?

It is advisable to start using at-home fetal doppler during the second trimester ( 13- 28 weeks of pregnancy). Some manufacturers claim that their pocket fetal doppler can detect heartbeat as early as eight weeks. However, healthcare providers advise using fetal dopplers starting from the second trimester as it is hard to hear and detect heartbeat by 12 weeks (especially for first-time mothers). So, in order to avoid stress, it is better to use Doppler by the second trimester.

3. How often is it safe to use a fetal doppler?

When it comes to pocket fetal doppler, some parents might overuse it (reach for their fetal dopplers every day). Using it one to two times per week is absolutely safe. The sessions also should be short (for several minutes). Short sessions one or two times per week is not a lot of time under an ultrasound, so it won’t cause any harm to mother or the baby.

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